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I’d love to illustrate your character or idea! I’m willing to challenge my own experience levels and comfort zones, and I strive to achieve the best possible quality and I will work hard on your request(s). I greatly appreciate your consideration!

Commission Process

✦I require a description (and a reference picture, if available)
A brief (but detailed is preferred) description of the situation or scene you want me to create (eg. how/what do you want your character to be doing/holding/looking/feeling/etc?).
Pictures of your character(s) in addition to the description allows me to be accurate in capturing the details of your character(s)’ design.
✦I will send you pictures of the process
This is for your ongoing review and approval to ensure you are happy with the commission. Typically, it will be once in sketch form, once in lineart, and once as nearly complete. In this stage, you can point out if something is off or if you want something changed.
✦Tell me how you’d like it sent to you
Once complete to your satisfaction, you can specify the file type you want the finished piece (.png, .jpeg, .pdf, etc), and also what dimensions/size!

I will do:
✦ explicit violence/gore, nudity, explicit sexual situations (aka porn)
✦ grotesque and horror
✦ anthropomorphized animals
✦ machines, robots, aliens, etc
✦ pretty much anything!

I accept PayPal only. I must receive a full payment up front before any work begins on the commission.
If you would like to commission me, please send me an e-mail via the contact form. Thanks!


commission rates
My commission rates vary depending on the complexity of characters and detailed designs you request. Please note!  I will charge extra for complex/elaborate backgrounds and multiple characters.

DIGITAL LINES  ($20 ~ $40 USD) – Refined lines of your character(s).

HEADSHOT / BUST ($30 ~ $50 USD) – A bust or headshot of your character(s).

WAIST UP / HALF-BODY ($40 ~ $85 USD) – Your character(s) from the waist up.

FULL BODY ($50 ~ $100 USD) – Full body compositions consist of your character’s full body.

SEQUENTIAL WORKS (STARTING AT $85 USD) – Can be a single comic strip/page, or a series. Can also be very detailed with elaborate backgrounds, and greyscale or in full color.

CHIBIS ($10 USD)  – Cute miniature versions of your characters!

DETAILED CHARACTER SHEETS (STARTING AT $85 USD) – Includes a full front, profile and back view of your character, as well as a close-up bust and other desired embellished features.

LOGO/AVATAR/LAYOUT DESIGN ($20 ~ $50 USD) – I can do anything from simple, stand alone business logos to t-shirt designs, website banners, personal social media avatars and more.

CONCEPT ART ($85 ~ $150 USD) – This includes machines such as detailed mechanized robots, aliens, futuristic soldiers/cyborgs, environment design, etc.


*terms of service

*I reserve the right to decline any unethical offers, or offers which I morally object to. This includes, but is not limited to, racist, homophobic, sexist, or generally oppressive/bigoted concepts. I also will not work for “exposure”, or work for free.

*Unless you (the client) specifies, commissions will be used for personal use only (character profiles, role-playing, personal banners, etc). If you intend to use the commissioned piece(s) commercially, such as book covers or prints, this is also acceptable, however I will need you to convey this to me when you request my services, as well as give me full credit for the extent of my work in your product(s).

*Any requests for sudden alterations, changes, or edits when I’m already working on the piece(s) may come with an extra charge. The amount charged will depend on the complexity of the edit.

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